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Edinburgh Manor Ghost Hunt Sleepover - Edinburgh Manor Ghost Hunt Sleepover


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How long? 1 night

Where? Scotch Grove, IA

When? Event starts at 8:00pm and finishes at 9.00am the following day.

Edinburgh Manor is the number one most haunted place in Iowa and the Midwest and is also one of the most haunted Asylums in America. As featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and in several paranormal publications—you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the depths of the darkened hallways!

One of the most terrifying entities that has been encountered within the walls is known only as “The Joker.” Many believe that this spirit was never human and those who have come in close contact with it have walked away with scratches and the sensation of being choked. Often seen as a tall, slim figure, The Joker stalks its victims throughout the facility. Are you brave enough to stand up your ground or will you run in terror?!?!

Other spirits that lurk in the corridors are simply wanting to share with you their experiences and stories. The former tenants of the Poor Farm with over 80 documented “strange deaths,” may want to tell you what really caused their demise. Or perhaps there are patients of the Asylum that are seeking the much needed attention that wasn’t afforded to them during their lives due to overcrowding and understaffing of the facility.

Investigators and guests should always be on their guard because the chilling haunts of Edinburgh Manor have been well documented. Lights turning on and off of their own accord, doors slamming, voices and singing caught on EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), whistling, objects flying across the room, full-bodied apparitions, shadow figures lurking in the darkness—bring your equipment and get ready to drink from the Holy Grail!

Even the very experienced and talented crew of Ghost Adventures decided to end their investigation after a chilling encounter. Are you brave enough to walk where others will not?

What's included?
  • History tour
  • Psychic medium vigil (may not include a psychic medium)
  • Group vigils with experienced investigators
  • Lone vigils
  • Overnight ghost hunt
  • Overnight sleepover in this very haunted location
  • Use of equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF readers
  • Free time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils
  • Unlimited Refreshments, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water and soda
  • Selection of snack


This is a sleepover event, and you are permitted to sleep anywhere within the manor. There is electricity, and bathrooms inside this location. You are required to bring an air mattress / cot, or sleeping bag.


In June of 1840, President Buchanan signed a grant for the construction of a courthouse in Edinburgh. But soon after the grant was allocated for this purpose, the county seat was moved from the town. The commissioners then used the grant to establish the Jones County Poor Farm. These residential institutions were being utilized all over the US during the latter half of the 19th Century. Some people were required to go to the poor farms if they were unable to support themselves, others applied in order to provide for their families, and others were sent off by their families because they suffered from severe disabilities or mental illness.

The Jones County Poor Farm was similar to other residential institutions during this time. They described the farm as a “comfortable retreat for the lazy, able-bodied and willingly dependent applicants.” In exchange for their labor with agriculture and livestock, the tenants were given food and shelter. But the farm wasn’t simply for those who were poor and unable to pay off their debts, it also housed the “incurably insane” and disabled. During the course of its tenure, from 1850-1910, there were over 80 documented deaths on the property. Many of these deaths were described as quite out of the ordinary. Are these odd deaths the reason that so many spirits still roam the grounds?

At the turn of the century, the poor farm was closed and the land was raized, leaving room for the construction of Edinburgh Manor. In 1911, the new facility opened as an asylum for the mentally ill, the poor and the elderly. The Manor was similar to other asylums of its time. They suffered the same issues of understaffing, overcrowding, the use of physical and medicinal restraints. Documented suicides and deaths add to the dark stories and experiences that people have reported within these hallowed walls.

The Edinburgh Manor closed its doors in December of 2010. Guests who have visited say it’s as if everyone simply vanished because beds are still made, medical charts are still out, as if at any moment the patients and staff will return. Or perhaps…some of the patients never left…


Event starts at 8:00pm and finishes at 9.00am the following day.

What to bring/wear

You are required to bring your own bedding, air mattresses / sleeping bags to this location. You are also permitted to bring your own equipment and devices. It is highly advisable to bring a flashlight. Please dress appropriately!

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