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Ghosts of Palm Beach Tour Palm Beach, FL

Ghosts of Palm Beach

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Ghosts of Palm Beach Tour - Ghosts of Palm Beach Tour


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Ghosts of Palm Beach
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Where? Palm Beach, FL

When? Tours generally run Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00 pm.

Visit one of America's most haunted locations, Palm Beach, Florida. Let us see if we can scare you with stories of ghosts, antique sites, scandalous tales, haunted places, mysterious sightings of apparitions, strange and unusual accounts of centuries past, legendary stories, folklore and ghostly experiences stranger than reality, and ultimately the supernatural intrigues of Palm Beach, Florida.

Listen to the ghostly encounters of our guides. And you may be surprised by ghost stories told by participants on our tours. Our tales and legends are blended with bits of human interest and historical fact to make us entertaining and educational for all ages.

The Ghosts of Palm Beach tour is narrated by passionate experts who like the dark corners; we are a spooky, beautiful ocean breeze fuelled walk into the unexplained spiritual realm of the most unusual island there is. Our tour gives you the opportunity to explore scandal, glamour, and the supernatural associated with Palm Beachers from long gone.

Each tour is between one hour and one hour in fifteen minutes in length, total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere and haunted locations. We are positive that our tours will enchant, entertain, inform, and scare you.

What's included?
  • Ghost walking tour


We meet at the southeast corner of Worth Avenue and South County Road, two blocks south of Palm Beach Town Hall. There is a park, a unique park, Living Wall Park on the back of the nearby Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store which is located at 172 Worth Avenue. The 150 you see in the picture is the name of the 150 Worth Shopping Center whose entrance is actually to the east of the Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store.


Tours generally run Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00 pm.


Palm Beach has a shortage of walking tours. Blizzards, nor'easters, and snow may be unusual but tropical storms, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are not. Though it's easy to forget in the well-crafted mazes and vias of Palm Beach, we live in a coastal county, and that means rain and wind as unpredictable and dramatic as any Broadway diva. We will let you know as soon as possible if postpone or cancel a tour if the weather is too severe.

What to bring/wear

Please bring along water or a hydrating beverage to replenish your energy.

Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable except in extreme situations.

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