Hooper 3 Hour Ghost Hunt Hooper, WA

Haunted Hooper

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Hooper 3 Hour Ghost Hunt - Hooper 3 Hour Ghost Hunt


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Haunted Hooper
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How long? 3 hours

Where? Hooper, WA

When? 8pm to 11pm. Check in by 7:45pm.

Three hour ghost hunt in Hooper, Washington. Your guides will take you around, provide equipment and show you hot spots.

Investigate three buildings during your visit:

  • Hotel
  • General Store
  • Grain Building near the railroad tracks

(The hotel and general store have electricity and restrooms)

Check out ghost equipment to see if you can capture anything (K2 meters, EMF readers, SLS cameras, REM pods, Spirit boxes).

Only 15 people on each tour.

What's included?
  • 3 hour ghost hunt


Hooper, Washington was named around 1883 for early settler Albert J. Hooper. There are just a few homes, a closed general store, the old Hotel Glenmore and grain building that still remain.

The population is less than 20 people and the town has plenty of stories of the past. Deaths on the railroad and ranch still haunt this small town. And some of the visitors still remain. They can be seen and heard at night in the different abandoned buildings.

The McGregor family came here to raise sheep and that is exactly what they did. The town is the home of McGregor Cattle and Livestock Company.

Despite its size, the town boundaries actually straddle two counties, Adams and Whitman. Which came in handy for Hooper’s saloon, long since shuttered. It was put on rollers and moved three times from one side of the county line to the other, depending on which allowed beer sales. It’s the kind of genius for adaptation long needed out here. The railroad still runs through the town, but doesn't stop anymore.

Author Zane Grey, who stayed in the Hooper Hotel in 1917, called this a “lonely, hard, heroic country.” The hotel still stands and it is like walking into the past. The rooms still have beds, the guest registers are still on the table from 1931.


8pm to 11pm. Check in by 7:45pm.

What to bring/wear

Bring a flashlight.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds. But you can transfer your ticket to another person.

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