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Trail of Terror Ghost Tour Fort Collins, CO

Magic Bus Tours

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Trail of Terror Ghost Tour - Bingham Hill


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Tour operator:
Magic Bus Tours
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How long? 90 minutes

Where? Fort Collins, CO

When? Tours operate every Friday and Saturday evening all year round.

Come walk with the spirits who are dying to meet you! Explore Old Town Fort Collins most famous haunts on a guided walking tour with a local historian and a spirit medium who talks to the dead!

Explore many historic locations including visits to several haunted chambers below ground.

This tour includes two mini ghost hunts with professional detection equipment. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment.

What's included?
  • 90 minute ghost tour
  • Use of professional detection equipment


The Trail of Terror Ghost Tour departs on time from in front of Happy Lucky's Tea House and Treasures located at 236 Walnut Street in Old Town, in Fort Collins.


Tours operate every Friday and Saturday evening all year round.


The Trail of Terror Tour is honored to have the opportunity to bring guests into several structures in Old Town to better tell our story. To continue the ability to do this we kindly ask that a few rules be followed:

  • Please be respectful of the businesses we visit on the tour.
  • No tampering/touching of business equipment/lights/doors etc.
  • If guest found tampering with any material owned by the business they will be asked to leave.
  • The consumption of alcohol while on the Trail of Terror Tours is not permitted. (There are plenty of great haunts in Old Town where a guest can get a cocktail after the tour. The guides would be very happy to make recommendations.)

Cancellation Policy

While it very rarely occurs, we reserve the right to cancel any tour date if we do not reach the minimum number of guests for the tour. However, we will always provide you with advance notice and refund your money if a tour needs to be cancelled.

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