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Winery at Marjim Manor Ghost Hunt - Winery at Marjim Manor Ghost Hunt


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How long? 6 hours

Where? Appleton, NY

When? Event starts at 6:00pm and finishes at 12:00am.

Welcome to the extremely haunted Winery at Marjim Manor-- where spirits aren't just found in bottles!

The Marjim Manor is more than simply a winery, it is also home to many of the spirits that have passed within its walls. As featured on SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America, the Marjim Manor has many secrets that the spirits are dying to share. Paranormal investigators and guests from all over the world have flocked to Appleton, New York in an attempt to uncover these mysteries and they rarely leave disappointed!

Full-bodied apparitions, spine tingling EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), shadow figures, wine bottles and other objects moving of their own volition, lights turning on and off by themselves, and a vast array of personal experiences – the Marjim Manor is a location you will not want to miss out on an opportunity to investigate!

One of the strangest stories that concerns the history and legends of Marjim Manor is the significant amount of deaths that occurred on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm. Each of the victims of this mysterious occurrence seems to still linger about the place. The first owner, Shubal, shot and killed his son, Lewis, on Thursday at 3:00 pm. Many people have seen a full-bodied apparition wearing Victorian-Style clothing in the area at the foot of the stairs where Lewis drew his last breath. Shubal and his daughter Pheobe also died in the home on a Thursday at 3:00 pm.

The next owners, Charles and Hannah Ring, converted the farm into a successful Peach Farm. After Hannah died in the home at 3:00 pm, Charles became engaged to a woman named Estelle. She convinced him to alter his will so that she would inherit the home upon his death. Soon after he suddenly died, at 3:00 pm. With all the mysterious deaths, it’s no wonder that the restless spirits still roam the house and grounds.

The only question that remains—will you be brave enough to undergo a lone vigil?

What's included?
  • Psychic medium
  • Dinner (buffet)
  • One glass of wine (with complimentary wine glass)
  • Exclusive access to investigation ares
  • Structured vigils
  • Ghost hunt with experienced ghost hunting team
  • Use of equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF meters
  • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke and bottled water
  • Selection of snacks


The property where the Marjim Manor now sits was first bought by the Shubal Scudder Merritt family in 1834. His wife, Sophia, and son, Lewis, moved into the log cabin but soon plans for a larger family led to Shubal constructing a frame house before his daughters, Phoebe and Cordelia, were born. As the family brought in more money, Sophia asked Shubal for a house to reflect their status and the brick home was built in 1854. Their son Lewis enrolled in the University of Rochester but the girls remained at the new family home.

In 1864, Sophia died in the home. After her death, Shubal was very distraught and would only become more so soon after what happened to his son. One Thursday, about a year after his mother’s death, Lewis entered the home after hunting with his father. Shubal accidentally shot and killed Lewis at 3:00 pm. Many believe that young Lewis' spirit still lingers within the walls of his former home. Perhaps he’s still trying to discover why his own father would take his life. The death was ruled an accidental shooting but who is to say the motives of a man's actions in life? Shubal lived in the family home until he passed away on Thursday, March 2, 1881 at 3:00 the coincidental timing a sign that the shooting was more sinister or perhaps it is just one of the strange unexplained occurrences that happened...

The daughters inherited the home after Shubal's death so Phoebe and her husband, Lucius Adams, bought out Cordelia’s ownership and remained in the family home. With numerous different caretakers, they were able to run the farm and keep it in the family. When Phoebe passed away, it just so happened that it was in the home on a Thursday at 3:00 pm. In 1895 Dr. Charles Ring purchased the home. Charles and his wife, Hannah, moved from Buffalo and used the land to become very successful peach farmers.

During the course of their tenure on the property, Charles and Hannah participated in several research projects with Cornell University and renamed the home Appleton Hall. In June of 1907, Hannah passed away at 3:00 pm. After her death, Charles became engaged to a woman named Estelle Morris. Estelle convinced Charles to alter his will leaving the property to her. Very soon after Charles named Estelle the new heir, he mysteriously died on February 28, 1908 at 3:00 pm. She moved into the house with her widowed sister, Florella (Also Charles’ mother-in-law) who died in the home in September of 1908. After Charles passed away, Estelle married John Whitwell in 1909, the couple lived in the home until 1922. The home was sold a few times and eventually went into foreclosure around the time of the Great Depression.

In July of 1933, Mother Constantia Driscoll of the Sisters of St. Joseph was approached by the M & T Bank about taking the property for their school. The Sisters' school was for the education of young boys and girls with hearing impairments. They were looking for a property that could serve as a vocational farm school for the boys that attended their school in Buffalo. When Mother Constantia noticed the resemblance between the cabin on the lake of the property and the Order’s first home in Carondelet, Missouri, they purchased the property right away. The sisters used the land as a camp for their girls, the vocational farm school for the boys and as a summer retreat for the Sisters until 1993.

In 2003, the current owner, Margo Sue Bittner, bought the property to use as a winery. It did not take long for Margo to realize that a few of the previous owners have never left. With so many deaths in the home over the last two centuries, it should not be a surprise that so many spirits still linger. Perhaps you will be the one to communicate with Lewis, Sophia, Shubal, Charles, Hannah or perhaps even scratch the ears of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s beloved dog, Duke who also died in the house on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm.


Event starts at 6:00pm and finishes at 12:00am.

What to bring/wear

Guests are strongly advised to dress appropriately for the weather.

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