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Who is Ghost Tour Bookings?

Having been on many ghost tours ourselves, we created Ghost Tour Bookings as a website where all ghost tours could be found in one place.

We wanted people to be able to share how they liked a tour (or didn't like it), as well as share any spooky experiences they may have had on a tour, and show any special photos.

The website provides all the information you need to know for each ghost tour or experience in a consistent format.

We are current operating in Australia and are now accepting registrations in the USA, UK and New Zealand.


We've recently added Marketplace to the website. This is a place where products relating to ghost tours and investigations can be listed for sale by suppliers.

We have categories for books, videos, clothing, ghost hunting equipment and tour merchandise.

You don't have to be a tour operator to list your products on Marketplace.

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There are no costs at all to list tours on the Ghost Tour Bookings website, and no costs for any enquiries or bookings made through the website to tour operators or customers.

For products listed in Marketplace, we charge a small commission for any sales made.

If you are a tour operator we want to hear from you! You can register your business online and start listing your tours immediately, or contact us and we will help you.

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