Belle Grove Plantation Ghost Hunt

King George, VA

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8 hours
King George, VA

The Belle Grove Plantation is a location that both chills the bone and pleases the eye. As featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, over three hundred years of rich history has left a haunting and eerie impression on the old plantation and the spirits of generations past still linger within the walls waiting to tell you their stories.

The property itself dates back to the late 1600’s where a tobacco plantation occupied approximately 1000 acres. Our fourth President, James Madison, Jr. was born on Belle Grove plantation and his mother’s family owned the property for many years. The land and current mansion have laid witness to the forging and growth of a nation from the Colonies to the American Revolution to the Civil War and beyond. There should be no surprise that the blood spilled upon the earth and the civil uprising would leave a lasting impression. But probably the most notable hauntings are those of the families who lived, loved and died on the land.

Full-bodied apparitions of Union Soldiers guarding the entrance, walking the grounds and lurking in the hallways have been witnessed by many guests and visitors. The Union Army used several plantations in the area as Headquarters, commandeering the homes from their Confederate owners. Due to the lack of bullet holes and the fact it wasn’t burned to the ground and that the Turner family relocated suggests that Belle Grove Plantation may have been one of these locations.

Guests have also seen and interacted with at least two ghost cats. Their vocal cries, brushing past people’s legs and even curling up on the pillow beside the guests as they sleep at night. The phantom felines are still seeking someone to scratch their ears.

The mischievous Jacob is a spirit of a small boy that many people have encountered. He likes to nick items from the kitchen, bounce balls up and down the hallway whilst guests are sleeping, and hide around the corners. There have been EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) captured of the young boy by several paranormal investigators. Is he just looking for a good time? Perhaps you’d like to engage in a game of hide-and-seek with him!

Orbs, light anomalies, shadow figures, full-blown apparitions, lights turning on of their own volition, phantom whistling, disembodied voices—if you’re ready to experience a crossroads of spirits then the Belle Grove Plantation is waiting for you. The only question remains—are you brave enough to do a lone vigil with the Union Soldiers standing guard over the property?

What's included?
  • Exclusive access to the Plantation's grounds
  • Exclusive access to the basement
  • Exclusive access to the "Four" most haunted rooms
  • Overnight ghost hunting
  • Small group vigils
  • You will be ghost hunting in the most active areas of this very haunted location
  • Exclusive access to areas that aren't available to the public
  • Ghost hunt with experienced ghost hunting team
  • Use of equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF meters
  • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and bottled water
  • Selection of snacks


This is not a sleepover event. Accommodation is not included.


Event starts at 7:00pm and finishes at 3:00am.

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What to bring/wear

Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.

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