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90 minutes
Huntington, WV

The Paranormal Investigative Team (PIT) will offer paranormal ghost hunts of the Haunted Majestic grounds and barges beginning approximately 30 minutes after the haunt closes each night.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth from 7 to 11 pm on the night of your tour. These tours will take place after Haunted Majestic (haunted attraction) closes on these nights. The tour guides are part of the haunt and will be available after the last patron of the haunted attraction has gone through and it is closed down.

Tour guides will take you on a walk-through and give you information on the history of the property. This will last approximately 35-45 minutes. After the walk-through, you will be allowed to roam in the public access locations of the vessel and conduct your own investigation quietly. PIT will also be conducting some research as well and you are welcome to join us, but you're not required.

What's included?
  • 90-minute ghost tour
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment (can be rented with ID, supplies limited)


The History of Haunted Majestic
The Haunted Majestic is a floating seasonal haunted attraction located on the Ohio River at Majestic Landing near Huntington, West Virginia. The attraction is comprised of a common two-story structure that covers two inland river barges which are permanently moored side by side. The vessel has a haunted history that dates back more than a century.

Sand Dredge Barges
The barges began service as separate sand dredge barges built in 1912 by the Majestic Steamship Line during the great canalization of the Ohio River. As a result of the River and Harbor Act of 1910, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was required to maintain the Ohio River channel deep enough to allow for cargo transport. During the next 16 years, the barges were used to haul sand and mud which was dredged from the river bottom. It was during this service that the barges reportedly picked up more than just sand, possibly the remains of a massive Native American burial ground that contained hundreds of graves that had been hidden from view by the Ohio River’s water. Bad fortune hampered the barges throughout their service as many employees of the steamship line reported seeing ghosts and hearing chants as the barges were moored during nighttime hours. This dredging effort was completed in 1928 and the barges were used sparingly until the onset of World War II. The barges were considered haunted by the Majestic Steamship Line’s captains and were only used as a last resort when needed.

Hospital Ship
The barges, originally named Davy Crockett and Mark Twain when constructed, were renamed at the onset of World War II when they were leased by the U.S. Navy to transport and treat injured soldiers during land invasions. The barges were moored side by side and a common two-story hospital structure was built atop both barges. They were renamed the Douglas Lee (1924-2009) and the Eugene Morris (1919-1978), after active military veterans serving in World War II. Both men were from West Virginia, the home base of the Majestic Steamship Line which owned the barges.

During the war effort, the floating structure was towed to the English Channel between England and France where it served as a military hospital ship serving Allied soldiers injured during the European Campaign. It is reported that more than 300 servicemen died on the vessel during its three-year war service, many of whom paranormal investigators believe may not have fully left the vessel after their deaths.

Following the war effort, the barges remained a single unit and were stored in a naval shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia. The barges also saw action as a hospital complex during the Korean and Vietnam wars as well, being towed abroad during both conflicts to serve the U.S. armed forces. The vessel earned the nickname “the ship of death” due to the astonishingly high number of soldiers who perished on board during the span of three foreign wars. The reported hauntings grew more common as time passed and after an official government inquiry into reports that the vessels were riddled with spirit activity, the Navy terminated the lease and returned the barges to the Majestic Steamship Line in 1978.

Restaurant and Landing Barges
The company had since changed hands many times and had ceased business as a steamship line many years earlier. Its heirs eventually sold the vessels to a business group in Kentucky. The unit was moved to Covington, Kentucky where it was remodeled in 1982 and served as a restaurant until 1996. At that time the barges became home to a paddlewheel tour boat company in Newport, Kentucky where they served as administrative and catering offices for the company until retired from service in 2018. The reported hauntings continued to grow throughout the barges’ long history.

Haunted Majestic
In early 2019 the barges were bought by a new company ironically named the Majestic Steamboat Company and were moved back to West Virginia where they were moored and their future fate contemplated. This new company’s owners knew nothing of the barges’ haunted history, previous owners of an almost exact company name, or for whom the barges had been named.

After much research and consultation with paranormal investigators, the owners pledged to preserve the vessel for those who “live” aboard and not use it for commercial purposes again. Soon, Haunted Majestic was born as the barges became permanently moored at the steamboat company’s home at Majestic Landing at river mile marker 300 on the Ohio River, seven miles northeast of Huntington, West Virginia.

As an eerie ending to the barges’ haunted history, the Majestic Steamboat Company is owned by a married couple and their daughter with no previous knowledge or connection to the vessel. The husband is the son of Douglas Lee and the wife is the daughter of Eugene Morris, the World War II veterans who did not know one another and for whom the vessels were named nearly 30 years before the current owners were born. The current owners’ daughter is the granddaughter of both men for whom the barges are named and will serve as caretakers of the vessels into the future. The two men for whom the barges were named never served on the barges or knew of their existence during their lifetimes. Both died of natural causes in their home state of West Virginia many years after their military service.

Believing they were somehow “chosen” to care for the vessel’s future and preserve its past, the owners have decided Haunted Majestic will remain moored at Majestic Landing indefinitely where visitors can tour the vessel and meet those who will forever inhabit its’ hulls.


Tour runs Friday and Saturday nights on demand of sales during the Haunted Majestic haunted attraction.
Tickets must be bought 7pm to 11 pm on night of the tour.
Tour will begin after the haunt has closed. Your guides are part of the haunt so please be patient with us. We will get to you asap.

Friday, 27 September, 2024
Saturday, 28 September, 2024
Friday, 4 October, 2024
Saturday, 5 October, 2024
Friday, 11 October, 2024
Saturday, 12 October, 2024
Friday, 18 October, 2024
Saturday, 19 October, 2024
Friday, 25 October, 2024
Saturday, 26 October, 2024
Availability is a guide only. Visit the tour operator's website for latest availability.

The minimum age is 15, must be accompanied by an adult guardian. The waiver must be signed. Adult guardian will sign for those that are 17 and younger.

The Haunted Majestic is not ADA compliant. The haunt is located on two floating barges moored on the Ohio River. The haunt takes participants on a walk through two levels of these barges and several staircases must be traversed up and down during the tour. We will do all we can to accommodate physically challenged individuals and will assist as much as possible to ensure every customer has a scary encounter but the tour is not accessible by wheelchair or recommended for those with severe disabilities.


What happens if it rains?
Much of the Haunted Majestic tour is indoors so a little rain won’t stop the show. However, if heavy rain or storms are present the event may be delayed or close on a case by case basis for the safety of our visitors who must wait outside for their turn to tour the attraction. Anytime the haunt would have to close due to weather your unused ticket will be honored on any other night we are open for scares.

What to bring/wear

Bring your paranormal investigation equipment for some light investigating. Please bring cash if you would like to rent our equipment.
Video and/or picture recording device for when you are on your own.
Wear clothes that are according to the weather. The vessel does not have any air conditioning or heating units and it can get cold or warm according to the weather outside.
Wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals that expose your toes or feet or high heels should be worn). Preferably tennis shoes.


The Haunted Majestic is not ADA compliant. The haunt is located on two floating barges moored on the Ohio River. The haunt takes participants on a walk through two levels of these barges and several staircases must be traversed up and down during the tour. We will do all we can to accommodate physically challenged individuals and will assist as much as possible to ensure every customer has a scary encounter but the tour is not accessible by wheelchair or recommended for those with severe disabilities.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds.

Other Information

Is Haunted Majestic merchandise available for sale?
Yes. Haunted Majestic has many items in its museum and gift shop located on the first deck of the historic sternwheeler Blennerhassett. Items include t-shirts, hats, mugs, bracelets, pens, decals, and other items. Note: the gift shop will be closed after the haunted attraction closes down, however, you can make your purchase before the Paranormal ghost tour.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Haunted Majestic accepts cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at the ticket booth and gift shop.
Are there concessions available on site?
Yes. Haunted Majestic does have several concession options for visitors including sandwiches, side items, and drinks, as well as a picnic area on site for eating and relaxing. These will be available during the hours of the haunted attraction only.
Are there restrooms on site?
Yes. There are several portable restrooms available for guests near the Haunted Majestic ticket booth and concession area.
Is there a cost for parking?
Yes. The staff at the adjacent Robert Newlon Airport will provide and manage parking for the Haunted Majestic events. The cost is $5 per car.

A waiver must be signed by all patrons who will be going on the Paranormal Ghost Hunt.

Haunted Majestic is located at Majestic Landing just north of Robert Newlon Airport, at the end of Kyle Lane, off WV Route 2 five miles north of Huntington, WV. From Interstate 64, take Exit 18 and follow WV Route 193 3 1/2 miles to the intersection of WV Route 2. Turn left onto WV Route 2 and go one block to Kyle Lane. Turn right onto Kyle Lane and follow 1/4 mile across the railroad tracks to Robert Newlon Airport. Parking is available in the field to the right as you enter the airport property. The total drive from I-64 Exit 18 is four miles.

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