The 76 House (Andre's Prison) Dinner and Ghost Hunt

Tappan, NY

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5 hours
Tappan, NY

The reported, witnessed and experienced Haunting's at The 76 House will send a shiver down your spine. With many visitors, guests and staff experiencing some much paranormal activity makes this one haunted and at times frightening location!

Many voices, full blown apparitions have been experienced and witnessed coming from rooms were no-one is in situ and many guests have been touched and many have felt the cold spells that simply come and go.

You will be enjoying dinner in the executioners room, and this is just one of the areas that has had many reports of ghostly shadows.

The 76 House has dark secrets, and when the lights go out, some area's have become over-bearing, whilst young men, feel the pain and suffering that happened in this village.

This event includes psychic medium and a 3 course dinner. You will be dining with the psychic, and then the Ghost Hunt will start. You'll be ghost hunting in the most active areas of this very haunted former Jail and dinner is served in the very Jail that was once used.

You have the option to participate in ghost hunting vigils, tarot cards (first come, first served basis), and lone Vigils.

What's included?
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • Brief History Talk
  • Tarot Card Readings (Limited to a maximum of 10 minutes and on a first come first served basis)
  • Unlimited Wine, Beer and soft drinks with your meal
  • Psychic Medium
  • Exclusive access to the basement
  • Exclusive access to the upstairs
  • Medium vigil
  • Group Séances
  • Structured vigil
  • Ghost hunt with experienced ghost hunting team
  • Use of equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF meters
  • Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils


The Old '76 House is not simply one of America's oldest taverns. Built in 1668, The Old '76 House had a profound effect on the outcome of The Revolutionary War. Through its long use as a meeting place for patriots, The Old '76 House established itself as safe ground for Americans when the air was rife with revolution and the tavern itself served as the "prison" of the Revolution's most notorious spy, Major John Andre. That is why The Old '76 House is often referred to as "Andre's Prison", not a real prison, in fact never having been a place of incarceration for anyone before or since. On the contrary, The Old '76 House has been a haven for many a weary traveler for more than two hundred years. This great tavern has accommodated on various occasions, every General of the west wing of the Continental Army including Commander-in-Chief General George Washington who, with his chief provisioner Samuel Fraunces, dined in the comfortable atmosphere of The Old '76 House.


3 course dinner starts at 8pm and ghost hunt from around 9:30pm.

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What to bring/wear

Guests are strongly advised to bring appropriate clothing and a flashlight for the séance in the basement.

1 · July 4, 2019 by Sbalken
Don’t Waste Your Money

Spent quite a bit of money on four tickets to the 76 House Ghost Hunt in Tappan, NY. Drove 2 hours and booked a nearby hotel to stay the night considering this ghost hunt would be about 4 hours. From the moment we arrived we felt the event was very disorganized. Two women ran the entire night. They checked us in and showed us the dinner table where we sat for over two hours without any discussion or overview of the history of the building we were in. It was so awkward how long we sat there for dinner that people left, even though they spent so much money. The ghost tour itself was ridiculous. We were given hand held ghost readers which supposedly read the energy in the air. It went off near your cell phone etc. there was no organization to the entire night. Then they put a flashlight on a mantle and asked it questions lol. It “supposedly” would blink on and off in response”. I caught one of the women who was running the event in the bathroom using an app on her phone to control the flashlight!! They were to hold a seance in the basement of this building. We went down there as stood around amongst a pile of junk and storage from the restaurant. These two women just kept telling everyone to use their little hand held EMF readers to spot changes in the energy fields. No seance. If we had learned something about the 76 House or any of the ghosts who supposedly lived there we would have at least felt the night wasn’t a total loss. But these two women running the show were very disappointing and we lost out on our time and money. The entire night was a big waste. One star goes to the women who read the tarot cards as she was spot on. That, however, was a 10 minute per guest time limit. ??

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