Ghosts of Boston's Past Solo Haunted Walking Tour

Boston, MA, United States

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40 minutes
Boston, MA

Walk the spooky streets of Boston in search of what goes bump in the night.

We will see the most haunted hotel in New England, the oldest subway in the USA and the largest burial ground in Boston, the Boston Common.

You'll see the must see Boston:

  • The Boston Athenaeum
  • The Omni Parker - The most haunted hotel in New England
  • The Granary Burial Ground - The 3rd oldest in Boston
  • Site of the Hanging Tree
  • The Haunted Boston Common
  • The Eerie Central Burial Ground
  • The Haunted Boylston Street Subway - The oldest in the USA
  • The Spooky Cutler Majestic Theater

You'll hear the tales ghostly tales of Boston's historic past:

  • The Ghost of Charles Dickens
  • The Ghost of Reverend Harris
  • Revolutionary Ghost's of the Underground
  • The Ghost of Goody Glover
  • The Resurrection Men of Harvard
  • Mass Graves
  • Red Coat Ghosts
  • Theater Ghosts

And if you are lucky you might just catch a ghostly image on camera.

What's included?
  • WalknTours Solo Smart Phone guided tour "Ghosts of Boston Past"
  • Virtual walk you can take after taking the in-person tour


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The solo tour is on the WalknTours app and guided by WalknTours technology.

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