Haunted Hunter Book II

More Ghost Tales, Mysteries and Dark History

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Murray A. Byfield
Apparitions Publishing

The Hunter Region is the second oldest European settlement on mainland Australia. Tourists usually associate the Hunter Valley with Fine Wines and Coal Mining. However there is much more that lurks beneath the day to day activity of the Hunter Region than meets the eye.

Tales of murder, suicide, convict floggings, public executions, bushrangers, and cruel landowners abound. After the success of Haunted Hunter, we now present to you Haunted Hunter Book II.

Within these pages you will find tales of:

  • Haunted shipwrecks
  • Vicious murders
  • Little girl spirits
  • Haunted hotels
  • Bunyips in the swamp
  • Disturbing suicides
  • Nazi ghosts

Plus, historic ghost stories from the newspapers of yesteryear...

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