Theatrical experiences

Theatrical experiences are just for fun and are fully or partially staged, although some experiences may be in actual haunted locations and include reconstruction of real events.

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Tudor World Virtual Ghost Tour (smartphone required)
Tudor World
Sat, 15 May +72 more
GBP £5 - £6 pp, £14 Family
Stratford Ghost Walk
Stratford Ghost Walk (Stratford upon Avon)
Stratford Town Ghost Walk
GBP £5 - £8 pp
Chris Stokes Ghost Tours
Chris Stokes Ghost Tours (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire)
Chris Stokes Ghost Tours
GBP £25 pp
Wolfville Gravely Ghost Walk
Wolfville Gravely Ghost Walk (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)
Valley Ghost Walks
CAD $15 - $20 pp
Chinatown Ghost Tour
Chinatown Ghost Tour (Melbourne, VIC)
Twisted History
AUD $25 - $35 pp, $120 Family
Fear Factory Queenstown
Fear Factory Queenstown (54 Shotover Street, Queenstown)
Fear Factory Queenstown
NZD $20 - $35 pp, $99 Family
Ghost Writers on the Cam
Nunkie Theatre Company
GBP £10 pp
Marble Orchard Ghost Walks
Lewiston Council on the Arts
USD $5 - $15 pp
Warwick Castle Ghost Walk & Hot Chocolate
Fright Nights Events Limited
GBP £14 pp
Halls Harbour Ghost Walk
Halls Harbour Ghost Walk (Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia)
Valley Ghost Walks
CAD $15 - $20 pp
Barton Ghost Walk
Barton Ghost Walk (Barton Upon Humber)
GBP £5 pp
Grapely Ghost Walk
Grapely Ghost Walk (Grand Pre, Nova Scotia)
Valley Ghost Walks
CAD $25 pp

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