Biltmore Village Mystery Tour

Asheville, NC

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Asheville, NC

Spend your evening strolling through Biltmore Village and learning about:

  • Chilling ghosts that wander the old village
  • The weird Nazi occultist who opened a portal there
  • The kangaroo that appeared from another dimension
  • An insane asylum that will make your blood run cold
  • The curse of Vanderbilt's lawyer, Samuel Reed
  • Asheville's secret serial killer
  • Enigmas of All Souls Cathedral
  • And much more!

This walking tour lasts 60-90 minutes on level ground for easy walking.

Note: This tour does not include the Asheville Mystery Museum since the museum is downtown, not near Biltmore. Only our Classic Walking Tour, and Supernatural Tour, include the museum.

What's included?
  • 60-90 minutes walking ghost tour


This tour only runs for groups of at least 10 people who have paid in advance. Only request a tour if you have at least
4 people (adults or children) in your group.

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