Dark Philly Adult Night Tour (Vampires, Sex, & Ghosts)

Philadelphia, PA

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Adult (($25-$35 depending on day))

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Philadelphia, PA

Peer into the wicked and mature happenings of America's founders with Philadelphia’s only adults-only Dark Philly Adult Ghost Tour. Language is strong. Topics broach vampires, paranormal hauntings, the undead, revolutionary era heists, and sex in 1776. All the sites and histories of 1776 together with the paranormal, the dirt, the scandal, and the things you really want to know.

For those interested in sightseeing: this tour covers ALL major revolutionary sites along Philadelphia's historic trail, and much more in-depth than those run by others, by day or night. If you are in Philly long enough for only a single tour: let this be it.

Compliment this with our 'Witches and Ghosts' Combo discount to see additional sites off the historic trail for a full and complete view of Revolutionary Philadelphia.

What's included?
  • Ghost tour


Tours begin from "outside" Market St doors of Independence Visitor Center, 1 N Independence Mall W, Philadelphia PA, across the street from the President's House and Liberty Bell.


Tour runs Friday and Saturday nights and on selected dates.


Adults only.

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