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Amanda APS
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My name is Amanda APS. I'm a paranormal researcher, writer, sensitive, medium, empath, and healer with over 30 years of experience in the paranormal field. I have been experiencing the paranormal since I was three years old. It has continued all my life. I've written this book for people looking at learning to enhance their skills and abilities in the spiritual field. I thought it was time to use my skills to help better people's abilities who may be afraid to talk to others about their own paranormal experiences or gifts. I grew up seeing and interacting with spirit all the time with no understanding of what I was experiencing. I was terrified. I despised my gift and wanted to be anyone but me. I've written this book for anyone wanting to have a better understanding of life after death and how to nurture your gift and not be afraid of everything that goes bump in the dark. Enjoy and embrace your journey with spirit... it's an incredible road to experience...

Amanda APS is a well known and respected paranormal researcher in Australia. She is the founder of Haunted Old And Beautiful, co-founder of Australian Paranormal Society and Co-founder of World's Beyond TV. Over recent years Amanda has been sharing her experiences from over 30 years in the paranormal field under her popular blog The Raw Paranormal Writer.

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