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Having a theme party, retreat event, sleepover or Halloween bash" Visiting a haunted location with your group" Want to get your guests involved, excited, and talking"

Goosebumps and curiosity go together when science meets the paranormal in this fun game with real, working environmental monitoring equipment. Make it as creepy, fun, spooky, or hilarious as desired depending on the location chosen for the party. Teaches critical thinking and careful record keeping, team building, leadership and cooperation. The Ghost Hunting Party has everything you need for up to 8 participants (age 12 and up) to have a wild time exploring paranormal phenomena! Equipment is designed to be easy to use with no prior technical knowledge required. Imagine your guests' excitement when they find something unusually creepy and call everyone over to investigate!

You get all this:
• GHOST HUNTING PARTY™ halloween ideas for fun party
• 4x EMF Meters to locate and quantify electromagnetic hot spots. EMF meters are the classic ghost hunting tool. These meters have red, yellow, green LEDs so they can be used in light or dark situations and are very easy to interpret. Each one requires a 9V battery, not included.
• 4x Pen Style IR Thermometers to look for hot or cold surfaces that cannot be otherwise explained. Some researchers depend on measuring temperature to confirm paranormal events. Batteries included.
• Bonus! 4x Finger Lites to guide your guests through dark and spooky locations. Mini light attaches to a finger tip leaving hands free. Super bright. Batteries included.
• 4x Instructions and set of data recording sheets with pencils.
• 1x Moderator guide with sample discussion topics and analysis for a fun and lively exchange after the hunt.

Just add refreshments and have a party to remember!

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